UpComing Migration

Today we'll discuss the upcoming migration to PixelHost Services.

Thread Summary

Shared -Service is moving, Small downtimes are expected, if you are not using PixelHost DNS servers you will need to manually change IP addresses.

VPS - Free NVMe upgrade if you choose to do so, will need to change IP addresses.

Global - Better DDoS protection by Path.Net, Better CPU's & NVMe drives across the board.

Contact support for any help!

We're excited to be making this announcement but it comes with some caution, We may expect downtimes but as long as you keep on top of any IP changes your websites should not go down, We will be sending multiple announcements closer to the date.

If your Nameservers are PixelHost nameservers no action is required from you, If you are using external nameservers you will need to update the IP address.

If you are a VPS client, your IP address WILL be changing, I understand we had a change earlier in the year but if you are wanting a free upgrade to NVMe drives this will be required, you will have additional time to make adjustments and our team is here to help.

Now to the good!

As some of you may note we had a downtime of around 5 hours and 49 minutes in February, Since then we've been trying to ensure our systems are up to date, and they soon will be - Our new servers are fully protected by Path.Net's systems and will be the standard across the board, Shared Hosting clients will also be receving a NVMe upgrade.

VPS Users you will have new VM's available with NVMe drives and a slightly better processor, Your options are to stay on the existing servers and retain your service or choose the complimentary NVMe upgrade, We are here to support you in your migration if you need.